Friday, August 6, 2010

A few more...

Explorations for a wartime Joker. We do these quick studies as a regular practice here at blur- it's fun! This job was huge- Sean McNally stepped in to do the final design, which made my craptastic sketch look awesome.

Likewise, some variations on Circe- I basically overlaid the in-game design over Terry Dodson's beautiful take on the sorceress. We opted for a classical Greek hairstyle- the technical challenge of free-flowing hair and that nutty Kirby-esque head-dress would have blown the render farm!

Here's the final- I'm not too crazy about it! A note about the backgrounds- they're based on photos treated with a cheesy Photoshop filter and painted over to try to make them original in the short time allotted to the task. Don't hate!

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