Friday, September 10, 2021

By JOVe! Episode 4, Thisses and Thats


HI, everyone! Here at long last is Episode 4. I've been taking things slow for a variety of reasons, like family, health, work, home and garden, and friends. Modeling has taken a back seat for a couple of reasons- mostly because my mojo has gone into a slump.  A big part of that was the loss of my good friend and modelling pal Matt Odom, who recently lost his 13 year battle with brain cancer. He was a brilliant 1/32 scale enthusiast, a Canadian cop and loving family man. We communicated mainly by text and sometimes, phone. It was just too much to sit at the bench and not be able to text him a pic of my newest dumb idea, or answer a question from his ever-inquisitive mind. Add in the slow recovery from my heart surgery- which included a measure of brain fog (or 'pump brain') from the heart/lung machine. To top it all off I'm developing cataracts, even as my eyesight begin to regress with age.  The latter is curable, the former demand patience and perseverance.  I'm not giving up- no way!  I'm just taking my time, and I hope to continue to keep sharing the joys and tribulations of this hobby with all my fellows around the globe- cheers! 


Monday, April 26, 2021

By JOVe! Part 3

 Well, friends- sit down to tale of modeling adventure, styrene feats of derring-do and cold brass tragedy... if you dare!






Tuesday, December 1, 2020

By JOVe! Grumman's toothy Mohawk JOV-1A , Part 1

 Here we go again- I had fully intended to take on this kit two whole builds, a relocation and an an open-heart procedure ago. It sure is satisfying tick off another 'good intention'. As with all my builds I'm keeping it simple- NOT! C'mon- take a look.