Thursday, August 26, 2010

Space 2099

Here's some dev art for a re-visioning of the classic TV series that I never thought I'd get permission to post.


  1. nice to see this stuff again! cool tech!


  2. Chuck! These are awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing them bro. When I was a very little kid, the kind that was too small to make any inteligible sound, I was often left in front of a television with ...Space 1999 playing. I love this stuff-Stone Perales :)

  3. love the last one. bleak at the bottom, epic at the top!

  4. hello chucky! nice blog, will add you to my list.

    hope all is well.

  5. Great Eagle redesign! Muy macho!* Given the modular design of this iconic SF spaceship, I'm puzzled that more folks haven't played around with the construction. Sorry to see the series wasn't taken up--a UFO/1999 hybrid would make a lot of sense (the one show was initially pitched as a sequel to the other, after all.)

    *Just got a mental image of your Eagle, modified for a final, climactic battle, rising up from the hanger bay: it rests on a cradle because the feet have been replace with magnetic clamps that hold two ginormous missiles, port and starboard.